Sirang Daneh Najin Company officially started operating in the southwest of Tehran in 2014 by launching modern production lines for various types of masterbatches and engineering compounds.
Since then, using the latest technical knowledge and talents of knowledge-based specialists, and by implementing successive plans to develop and equip a specialized polymer and masterbatch laboratory and production lines, new products include:

Types of white masterbatches with different percentages of coating and shells Types of colored masterbatches in 10,000 shades of plain, shell, metallic and calorific
produces various types of industrial and reinforced polymers used in automotive, home appliances, various types of film packaging industries, sheets of polymer pipes, coated wire and cable, computer accessories, Blow molding and injection products and other specialized industries.

It is also obtaining a food grade license from the ministry of health for food packaging. in addition to distribution in the country, the products have been exported to azerbaijan, armenia, Iraq and georgia for uniformity, quality and reasonable prices. due to the use of additives in developed european countries in the near future, the company will work with one of the top european manufacturers to produce domestically under its license, after which it will be possible to export even to european countries.

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