Additive masterbatches

Increasingly, the base price of polymeric materials and the need for variety and production of durable parts at reasonable prices, has led us to enter the field of production of various additive masterbatches and knowledge-based research that has resulted in the production of such additives. The following will be presented to dear customers :

  • Slip Agent Masterbatch
  • Anti Block Masterbatch
  • Anti Block and Slip Agent Masterbatch
  • Anti UV Masterbatch
  • Aid Process Masterbatch
  • Anti Oxidant Masterbatch
  • Anti Fog Masterbatch
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatch
  • Cleaning Masterbatch
  • Nucleating Agent Masterbatch
  • Optical brightener Masterbatch
  • Coated calcium carbonate masterbatch with 2500 mesh

One of the unique features of this category products Sirang Daneh Najin Company its high percentage of additive and low percentage of its consumption in the final product.

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