Black and White Masterbatch

White masterbatch produced by Sirang Daneh Najin Company, includes grades with different percentages of titanium dioxide from 25% to 85%, for injection, blow molding and film production purposes. This product can be produced in various polymer bases according to the order of esteemed consumers. The use of high quality titanium dioxide with european brand and its uniform distribution, has caused excellent coverage and high quality of these products at a reasonable price for consumers, which is the distinguishing feature of this product from other similar products.

Also, the black masterbatches of this collection contain 40 and 30% soot, and in these products, Printex v soot made by Degosa company is used. The soot particles inside these masterbatches are as small as nanometers, which causes them to have a uniform distribution. Uniform distribution also prevents the properties of the final part from deteriorating and resistance to sunlight.

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