Laboratory and quality control

To achieve a quality product, various laboratory tools are available that without using them, it is not possible to produce a quality product. Also, having a laboratory and continuous quality control includes more uniform goods and less waste. In general, the tests are performed from the arrival of raw materials to the exit of the product and the final approval in this company. Establishment of color control laboratory and engineering properties are among the important features of Najin grain syringe collection.

Equipping the laboratory unit with various devices such as spectrophotometer,densitometer, determination of melt flow index (MFI), etc., has made this collection of high quality products to dear consumers. Also, the (Color Matching) of the masterbatches required by the customer can be done by precision computer machines in the laboratory of this Company. Because our commitment to our valued customers requires it to satisfy our customers, we have up-to-date and accurate facilities and tools to fulfill this commitment, and as we believe, selling the product is not the end of the road for this company.Therefore, we stand with our esteemed customers until the end and answer the problems after the production of customers' parts, and we are also committed to their commitment to the end consumers.

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