Engineering plastics

Engineering plastics are materials that are reinforced by mineral additives, including glass fibers or mineral powders such as talc and mica powder or a variety of rubbers. These materials have superior technical specifications compared to ordinary plastics. Impact properties, flexibility, rigidity, creep, thermal resistance, flame retardancy and many other characteristics in engineering plastics are better than ordinary plastics and for this reason, they have various applications in the field of automotive industries, home appliances, pipes, fittings, etc.

It is noteworthy that this collection, in addition to the mentioned products, also produces various types of engineering plastics, including the following:

  • Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene(PP+GF)
  • Mineral-reinforced polypropylene such as talcum powder and calcium carbonate (PP+Minerals )
  • Flexible polypropylene with rubber(PP+EPDM)

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